Representing Children in Families -- Recommendations for Children's Lawyers and Advocates

On January 12-14, 2006, nearly 100 lawyers, youth advocates, professors, judges and mental health professionals convened at the William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV to explore the opportunities and challenges of providing legal representation to children while accounting for their deep connections to families and communities. That conference, Representing Children in Families: Child Advocacy and Justice Ten Years After Fordham, produced Recommendations regarding the complexities of seeking justice for children in legal and policy settings and, along with the Recommendations of the Fordham Conference on Ethical Issues in the Representation of Children, chart a course for children's attorneys to discern and amplify children's voices in all of their complexity and in light of the contradictions of client-directed, multi-disciplinary, holistic, and contextual representation.

This website contains the Recommendations of the UNLV Conference and its eight working group reports along with Bruce Green and Annette Appell's Foreword to the Conference. This site also contains the Fordham Children's Conference Recommendations on which the UNLV Recommendations build. Readers are encouraged to consult the UNLV Conference papers published in the Nevada Law Journal, Volume 6, the table of contents of which is also on this site through the Conference Proceedings tab on the left. 

Children's attorneys and policy makers especially are encouraged to review these conference materials as a next step toward projecting children's voice in matters that affect them.